Box chain, or cable-link chain?

Posted by Richard Hiebert on

We have a variety of different chains for our products. we have box chain, venician box chain, twisted faceted chain, and cable-link chain.

Box chain, sometimes almost looks like a cheep ball chain if its small. however, it is one of the strongest chains out there. it is a box-like shape and can sometimes be a little bit rounded on the edges of each box link.

Venician box chain, is like a mix between your cube-like box chain and your rounded cable link chain. it is strong like the box chain, but a bit more delicate looking.

Twisted faceted chain, is a bit more delicate then the box chain and venician box chain. however, depending on what it is made of it can still be a very strong chain.

Cable-link chain is one of the most common chains out there. it is nice looking, strong, and durable.

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